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Winter Storm Uri Fundraiser
Millions of people in Texas are living without electricity, water and heat after winter storm Uri tore through the state. The historic storm has left families in the dark for days, battling freezing temperatures as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas works to restore power back to at least 668,332 affected customers, according to Oncor, the largest energy delivery company in Texas. The crisis is occurring during the coronavirus pandemic, which has already claimed the lives of over 40,000 Texans.

"To go through all of that and then also to have stuff like this happen, it's like, 'One more historical event, and I'm going to develop PTSD,'" Brianna Blake, a mother of two sons, told the Texas Tribune on Wednesday. "I cannot do this."

Kids’ Meals delivers a free healthy meal directly to the doorsteps of poverty-stricken children every weekday, year-round. Each day, our volunteers prepare thousands of healthy lunches consisting of a sandwich, nutritious snack and 100% juice or milk. The children we deliver to are under 6 years old and lack access to school-based free meal programs during a critical developmental period in their lives. Together we can be the first U.S. city to end childhood hunger!  Please donate.


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Kids’ Meals, Inc. is the nation’s only free, healthy meal delivery program for children.  Our mission is to end childhood hunger in Houston by delivering meals every weekday, year-round,  directly to the homes of poverty-stricken preschool-aged children who suffer from food insecurity and often live in food deserts.  We focus on children age 5 and under who are not only at a critical development stage, but cannot access school-based free meal programs. We share grocery bags of fresh produce/pantry staples and connect families with vital wrap-around services to help break the poverty cycle.