Cheeseboard Social Gives Back!

Cheeseboard Social Gives Back!

About This Campaign

Cheeseboard Social is proud to be partnering with Kids' Meals Houston to help end childhood hunger during these challenging times. 

Kids’ Meals serves as a front line first responder to low-income and poverty stricken families who cannot feed their young children by delivering meals directly to the apartments, trailers and homes of hungry children in 43 Houston-area zip codes.

Here in Houston, Texas, many families have experienced power outages for several days. Some people sustained minimal loss, but many have suffered tremendously.  

Please join us in donating to Kids' Meals which is an organization that feeds preschool aged kids in our most poverty stricken neighborhoods. Unfortunately, due to the recent storm all their perishable foods were destroyed and  because of that they need our help.  

Please Donate!

Kids' Meals Inc.

Campaign to Support Kids' Meals Inc.

Kids’ Meals, Inc. is the nation’s only free, healthy meal delivery program for children.  Our mission is to end childhood hunger in Houston by delivering meals every weekday, year-round,  directly to the homes of poverty-stricken preschool-aged children who suffer from food insecurity and often live in food deserts.  We focus on children age 5 and under who are not only at a critical development stage, but cannot access school-based free meal programs. We share grocery bags of fresh produce/pantry staples and connect families with vital wrap-around services to help break the poverty cycle. 

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